Thursday, January 31, 2013

Chip SSD solution

Inspired by the SSD based setup on my machine at work I decided to speed up also my home Linux machine. Since Linux root partition is only 7Gb I don't need a big expensive SSD (which if even it's a small volume still pretty costly), I just bought a good USB3 flash drive  (The USB3 stick is really good. The random reading speed is 98MB/s.) formatted as Ext2 (Ext3 is not good for a flash drive since it constantly writes its journal to the same sector dramatically reducing the flash drive life time) and made the GRUB boot from it. GRUB sees the stick as (hd2). No extra steps was required.
The "/var" directory I left on the HDD, mounted to a partition which was prior that a swap space. I think I don't need swap with 8GB memory, right?

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