Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ghost Commander homepage

Please visit the application's web site.

Ghost Commander is a minimalist file manager for Android platform inspired by famous (Norton|Midnight|Total) Commander application.

It has two separated panels, and allows you to make folders, copy and delete files and directories between the panels, open a text file for editing, etc.

The operations are bound to number keys, with same numbers as in the prototype applications for easy remember.

It has module architecture, and could in theory work with any file sources (not only file system), such as FTP, SMB, etc.


  1. Brief instructions, what may not be obviously:

    1. Click on the left half - enter/launch
    Click on the right half - select the current item.
    2. Toggle side-by-side panels mode and Show/Hide the toolbar commands do not change it forever until you change the corresponded setting in the preferences.
    3. Left arrow key and audio down - toggle the panels, right arrow and audio up - select an item.

  2. Version 1.04

    Now you're able to specify an external text editor to react on the '4' key.
    You need to know the full class name. So far the package name assumed as the same as the class name prefix.
    For example. Say we have a text editor called "AmbleLink Notepad" installed.
    If you go to the "Dev Tools" application and find it in the "Package Browser", you'll know the package name. In this case it's "com.objectvista.notepad".
    Then, see what is the activity name. It's printed on the button below.
    So the full string to specify in the Ghost Commander property will be the combination:
    The action name will be used: "android.intent.action.EDIT".
    Please, let me know if there a good editor available with different protocol to run it.
    Also, please, let me know if it there a easier way to know an application activity info.

    In this version also we have a quick search feature.
    When you press an alpha key, the current position will be changed to the file with the corresponded name.
    To cancel the file name input just press any not alpha key, or make any movement.

    Some bugs were also fixed.

  3. v1.05

    Some bugs fixed.
    Long click on the panel's title let you enter the path manually.
    About dialog added.

  4. v1.06rc1

    Finger Friendly mode makes bigger the title and the rows
    Verified against SDK v2.0, some bugs were fixed

  5. v1.06
    Multiple selection issue bug was fixed.
    "Detailed View" options now separated for each panel in each mode (side-by-side and overlapped).
    A bug with panels persistence state was fixed
    Some space added to the right, to not to let the scrollbar overlap the data.
    Path editor moved from a dialog to the panel.

    Shortcuts keys:
    (! Those not declared in the UI are subject to change, don't stick to them tight :)
    left, vol_down - toggle current panel
    right, vol_up - select the current item
    (, ) Enter the path
    +, - On/Off the finger friendly mode
    {, } Toggle Left Panel, Right Panel
    * Add the current folder to the tips list
    # Toggle Side-by-side/Overlapped mode
    = make other panel show the same folder as the current
    & open the preferences
    0 exit the program
    [A-z] - quick search

  6. v1.07
    Help board for the hot keys added
    Favorite folder drop-down list added
    Ability to create a file and open for edit.
    RU_ru localization added

  7. v1.08
    Fixed a crash when you press go on an empty string
    CN and TW localization added
    Hidden files can be filtered out.

  8. v1.09rc1
    Major UI revision.
    The menu is reorganized,
    The toolbar now is scrollable and customizable.
    The device's root folder is protected by a warning.
    Two lines per a row mode is added.
    Unknown file types now lead to the app chooser on open.

  9. Awesome very basic does its job
    Ugly as donkey balls

  10. Bob, what exactly you consider as ugliness?

  11. v1.10
    FTP both direction transfer, deletion, renaming works. Size calculation still does not work with FTP.
    Progress bar works fine, but behaves different for the FTP (each file separately) and the FS (one bar for all files).

  12. New Ghost Commander site: