Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Dialog pain is to end!

Android API has one unpleasant feature which significantly spoils the pleasure of the development: No way to pass a not constant value to dialog after it recreates on a screen rotation.
Here is a workaround: disabling to stop the activity on orientation change.
It saves a day, thanks so much!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


My Nexus One has retired. Again. Hopefully the HTC will send me another replicant soon.
While waiting it back I decided to change the system to a Tattoo on my old good Kaiser because I get tired of that blurry resized image and already get used to the sharp and crispy off the Nexus.
Tattoo system has the same resolution as Kaiser - 320x200, so it should fit.
The install process went smoothly (I took the source from here). Then I found the Wi-Fi does not work. I took an update from here, but standard /sdcard/andboot/androidupdate.tar update did not help. Comparing I found out the sysinit.rc is still different, and placed it manually. Then WiFi started working.
Current issue - the market client can not connect to the server, throws
DEBUG/vending(5478): Sent a bad request.

Repair update: HTC sends the replacement phone overnight in the same day as they receive the broken one. Outstanding!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

tactile fail

Bought a new expensive screen protection film from
I say that's sucks. It's polyurethane made and rubberish, not slick and bubbles
are still there although I did everything what the instruction says.
I wish I just bought six those cheap instead for the same money, the ones I bought previous time which feels much better and I could change them each time in the case they peel off.