Wednesday, February 29, 2012

So, RIM made a gesture and sent me new BlackBerry PlayBook tablet for free. I really appreciate that, thank you, RIM.

Now, about the device. What's good:
1) It's well made. The display is superb, the case is sound.
2) It has 16Gb memory on it, no SD card slot though.

What's not so good:
1) It's pretty heavy. Bot since the case is covered with rubber plastic, there is no problem to keep it in hands.
2) Although it has on the most capacious battery in the class, it discharges very fast, even when the tablet just lays on the shelf doing nothing (and wifi is off). And there's no way to replace the battery.
3) It does not support regular android applications. Even if the application package is converted and signed, there's a high probability, the app will refuse to work properly. And I think it was a bad idea to let the recent application icons be shown in the android player after an android application has closed. It makes the android applications look like foreign pieces and not desirable when an user searches for an application in the AppWorld.

I wish RIM will review its vision and make the Android platform the primary, leaving the ability to run the AIR applications as well.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

passing an array from vbscript to .net

.net < 4.0 does not support passing an array to its COM visible method by reference.

So, if there is a .net method in an object:
void f( object ary );

from VBscript it has to be called this way:

dim aa(1) : a(0)=1 : a(1)=2
obj.f( (aa) )

Note the extra parentheses around the array variable!