Thursday, August 12, 2010

a tweak

Android browser can be switched to adwanced settings mode, just type in the address bar: "about:debug".
In this mode you can change the UserAgent string to desktop or iphone in the browser's settings.
Some sites provide their mobile version only when they see the iphone UA string, not the one android sends.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

map soft for Android

Out of two offline map competitors - the Rmaps and the Orux maps
I've choosed the second. Rmaps has been uninstalled, bye bye.
Here is why:
1. Tracks recording. In Orux it's a much more advanced feature.
2. Custom jpeg map creation ability. There is a program which lets you take any jpeg and use it as a map in Orux.
3. Orux has first little confusing, but much more advanced UI.

video player

To play video on a web page, the FlowPlayer ( works good.
To dynamically change the video, first, a play list could be created:

<a id="player" style="display:block;width:520px;height:330px" ></a>

var player_obj = flowplayer("player", "flowplayer/flowplayer-3.2.2.swf",
clip: {
baseUrl: '',
autoPlay : false

playlist: [

and then select a clip to play by the following command:; // n - the index in the playlist

To convert the video to .flv format this free converter could be used:

List of available converters (some paid):