Monday, August 27, 2012


How to work with custom HTML attributes, to be compatible with all modern browsers?
If you are using jQuery, it can be just done via a .attr() call, but
more correct way is name your custom attributes with prefix "data-" as the HTML5 standard suggest, like
<div data-attrib_name="attrib value">
Address it from the script as
and to put a new value:
$(elem).data("attrib_name","new value")

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Making room space

Why i didn't do that long ago? Tired fighting for a free space on the /data partition i just have moved the most huge .apk files to the /system/app folder and restarted the phone. Now I have whole 40Mb free on /data part. Silly amount for a modern device, but quite valuable for me.

Friday, August 10, 2012

PlayBook <-> PC

Wanted to copy a big amount of music to the PB... Easy task? Duh!
First thing, after I plugged it to the PC, it was found as a mass storage device. But it contained only drivers. Hm.. Fine, let's install them. The driver sees the device, but how to open it to transfer files? The USB file sharing is on... What's could be possible wrong? The message on the playbook suggest go and download the "BB Desktop manager". The size? 110Mb. OMG! But let's give it a try. I can always uninstall it, right? Now a huge crapware is installed and actually does nothing except showing me the error "Cannot connect to PlayBook...". Great!.. Ok, long story short, it turned out, I just can treat the PlayBook as a network device. Just go to the "My Network Places" and search the device there. If it fails, look for the USB IP address and type in it in the explorer address bar as a UNC name (i.e. \\ Tune your windows firewall if it prevent the CIFS(SMB) from working. So, it seems the mass storage mode is not an option at all. Why???