Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Iris browser

Tried a fresh version 1.1.4 of this new web browser for windows mobile. Firs thing - the keys shortcuts now work, but not always, sometimes the application just does not response when I pressss the keys. It seems nobody tested the software using only hardware buttons (and sadly, that's true for almost everything), it better works when I use the touchscreen. Another bad thing is - it constantly eats up to 50 percents of the CPU resources, even when it doing nothing. So it can't be usedlong whn the device works on battery. Work with zoom features made badly. It almost copied the feathure from PIE, it has same modes: "desktop" , "mobile", "column". Although I put the zoom in/out to the hardware keys, work with it a way too hard. Further, there is no switching between the mouse cursor mode and the scrolling mode. Actually, there is no the dedicated scrolliing mode at all. But not everything bad, there are good things as well. First of all - it multidocument application. Opened html pages still called "tabs", but there is no actually such UI feature. The list of opened pages could be accessed from the menu. Second - the rendering itself is splendid. The webkit engine on which the application based, really does the job. But aterall I still can not make this browser my favorite. There are too much improvements has to be made.

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