Sunday, December 30, 2012

MacBook Pro

Well, I've got a MacBook Pro. Let's see.
13" Core i5 2.5GHz, 4GB, 500GB - $1200
$400 more expensive as a windows notebook with the same hardware.
Does it worth the money?
Let's see…

Bad things:

The whole piece aluminum case rather bad than good. Too sharp edges. But I like that I can hold the book by only one hand not being afraid that it will bend and broke.

My home network was not recognized during the setup. It was found later, though.
USB mouse did not work after the book woke up from sleep.

I hate the way which the open window icons piles on each other. Looks disgusting. Found how to change that, likely!
The only way to install an app to drag it?

Phonetic keyboard layout is the most stupiedst possible. I hate those who made it.

What I like:

Keyboard work smoothly and fine to touch
There are no speakers in sight, but the sound is clear, nice.
The display is good quality (Not the best, though.). Shows almost the same quality being observed from different angles.

I absolutely like that almost every command has a shortcut. Sometimes the key combinations are quite difficult to remember, but still. Would be nice to have shortcuts on the menus as well.

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