Tuesday, September 8, 2009


this drives me crazy. new build does not work and so unstable.
even worse, the old version works bad after i restore it back


  1. Guess WiFi leads to system hang when swap is on.
    I failed to crash the system without the swap, I tried hard. But, of course, there another problem pops up - application processes (acore, phone) crash when the memory runs out.

  2. Forgot to say, I finnaly switched to the newest build. It's hard to say, what helped me to do that - a more stable release (I took msmission's core), or because I installed a new Radio ROM, or something else.
    Prior that, when I tried a new (after 09-06-09) core (the kernel and the root.img) the phone freezes when I tried to call on it. Now it's not.

  3. So sad to say, turning WiFi off still hangs the phone even when the swapping was turned off.

  4. I made a knight's move, took the latest build and changed it.
    Instead of using swap on the SD card now it uses ramzswap virtual device as it was in old more stable releases.
    We'll see...