Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ten Android applications I can't live without.

1. Robert.Developer's RMaps
Shows maps from different sources, and what most important, from loaded images you create using your desktop PC and are stored in sql db. Does not support tracking (yet!).

2. LYSESOFT's AndExplorer and AndFTP
Best file manager. Still missed many features, but it's a very high quality application. And an FTP client. I wonder, why they are not in a single application, but in my chart they share the same row.

3. egg 'n stone's CalWidget
It's a widget to show your current agenda from the calendar on the home screen.

4. Mike DG's dg QuickCut
It makes short cut to the dug activities of other applications. Thank to this shortcut creator you don't need anymore applications made just to replace already integrated functionality, such as WiFi on/off, Battery status.

5. Fognl's Greed (Lite)
Best RSS reader I found. It kinda slow, but allows me read the feeds I have collected in my Google Reader account.

6. EStrongs File Explorer
It lets you to transfer files to and fro the computers on your local network using the SMB (NetBIOS) protocol.

7. Meebo IM
Multiprotocol IM client. It not perfect, but it works fine.

8. zx128's AppManager
Allows you quickly uninstall an application. Feature I miss - add my application rating to the Android Market.

9. Kenny Root and Jeffrey Sharkey's ConnectBot
Excellent Local/Telnet/SSH terminal emulator.

10. farproc's Wifi Analyzer
Not for everyday use, but it allows you to choose a best channel for your access point.

There are some more applications I use everyday, but they have more defects and problems, so I'm still loking to something better to replace them.

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