Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Capacitive solution

Got a package directly from HongKong ordered at
This store is good, selling cheap accessories and ships it right from Asia shores.
So, now I have a capacitive stylus and a protective screen for my new Nexus One.
The stylus is very weird, its rubber tip is not sharp ended at all and you need apply it strictly perpendicular to the screen surface, or else it won't work. At least it allow type more easily taping the screen, but almost impossible to use it to drag something.
The protective screen package's instruction is just four tiny not discernible pictures, so I did not understand their meaning and did something wrong left some areas not firmly attached and also I scratched the screen a little trying to use the special included little card which I assumed supposed to smooth out bubbles.
The protective screen has not protected itself from scratches...
But! The new surface feels so good! I like touch it and no more greasy traces!!!

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