Thursday, March 18, 2010

Titans fight review

Recently I switched the provider from Comcast to Verizon. Here are some Pros and Cons:

  1. +/- Verizon promotion seems cheaper, but in reality, it's actually not. With all those fees and charges and losts, there is not much you can save.
  2. + Only for 5 bucks more you have a service which let you watch a recorded on any device in your home.
  3. +/- Verizon gives you a new router, it probably more powerful than your old one, but you need do all the settings again. And many things just impossible to do, such as to bind a MAC to an IP.
  4. + The router box is a 64 bit Linux machine. :)
  5. - The Fiberoptic network terminal takes some extra Ampers from your's home electricity.
  6. + The phone local network is connected to the terminal, no need a separate wire from the cable modem to a phone socket.
  7. - TV boxes rely on the Internet access. I f you turn off the router, the TV probably won't work.
  8. + TV menu is more convenient (but still not perfect)
  9. + CC can be turned on just from the remote. Don't need to turn off the box to enable or disable it.
  10. + The remote looks and feels better.
  11. --- You can not just switch tuners, you need to put one program to record and then switch to another one.
  12. + You can browse and record programs from any internet-connected computer or a cell phone.
  13. - Some good base package channels just do not exist in the Verizon even extreme package.
  14. - You can't (not recommended) to choose a local IP network address as you wish. It should be
  15. - The remote control does not let you turn on or of the box and the TV set separately.
  16. - Verizon claims the speed should be 25Mb/s, but actually, it just 5Mb/s, slower, then Comcast, which gave 7Mb/s.
  17. site is made bad.

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