Monday, July 5, 2010

A taste of Froyo

Finally my N1 has been upgraded to version 2.2 "Froyo".
The download of 44Mb was completely stealthy - no idea when it took time to do that, at least I did not notice anything (WiFi is turned on only time to time). Hope it did not used the cell network, or else it will cost me a lot.
Here's what I like and what I don't about the new version:
1. + Like the phone button on every home page. It covers the lack of the hardware phone button a little (what a stupid idea - to remove the phone button from a phone?)
2. + Flash in browser is a cool addition! Expected it instantly, but it turned up I need to install the Adobe Flash application from the Market.
3. +/- The applications screen now autorotates in both directions - to the left and to the right. It'd be better if there be an option.
4. Number of last used application icons is increased to eight. Big achievement!
5. Autobrightness mode is added to the control bar. Not sure.
6. Moving apps to the SD card works, but I don't need it, at least now.
Now about the bad:
7. The Skype application stopped working properly. I had to remove the battery twice after the phone's completely freeze. Even if it's a Skype problem and has been already fixed, because the application is not on the Market anymore it's impossible to make the update.

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