Friday, July 2, 2010

VS update

An old computer has a Visual Studio 2005 without latest update (VS80sp1-KB971090-X86-INTL.exe). This update is necessary to let the system libraries be version .4053
But update did not want to be installed and even the studion did not want to be reinstalled.
Here is the solution: remove the following registry keys:
and then reinstall the studio and the update.

Also, the previous experience says you need the Swap file be on to allow the VS update be installed. Weird, but true.

To install the update, instead of "Windows Update" you can use the "Microsoft Update" which checks the updates to download for all Microsoft software installed, not only the Windows' itself.
To install the "Microsoft Update" need to go to the "Windows Update" web site and look the installation link on the page.

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